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Commission: Kachima & Skyrim Onyxverse

Ahkari & Onyx

If I haven't made it clear before, Kachima was responsible for a lot of my #Frozen_Skyrim pieces. He was a talent that I can't ever stop recommending to people to those who want a fantastic piece of artwork. The art above is Ahkari (in human form) and Onyx in casual-modern day clothing. Definitely a piece that holds a very strong sentiment in my heart.


Ysmir & Dragon Aspect

Ah, Ysmir! She's the fantastic Dovahkiin OC of my friend, Evil-is-Relative. This #commission is the cover art for my "Skyrim Chronicles: Dragon Kin" crossover fanfic. If it isn't obvious, this is a mirror commission of one of my Frozen Skyrim cover arts, also drawn by Kachima. And while Elsa is cold and ice, Ysmir is fire. The two also have a cross paths with Onyx, funny enough.


And then there's this amazing piece. A dedication to a certain furry companion that went to sleep some time back. To tell his story, I placed him in "Onyxverse", a young Khajiit named Ma'Roken--a sad little tale that I actually made it part of Onyx's story. Rest in Peace, little one. And thank you Kachima for this wonderful piece.

Well, thiis isn't the last old commission from Kachima. More to come later.

Until Next Time!

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