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Commission: Frozen Skyrim & Kachima

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Kachima is the first person I contacted in regards to my #Frozen_Skyrim #commissioning shenanigans. Heck, as most people know, Kachima is the first artist I really worked with and he really gave my experience w/ commissioning shenanigans. With that knowledge in mind, he and I produced some fantastic stuff!

He was also the first one I got my Dovahkiin Onyx drawn by. Considering that I used the Ebony Mail set in its vanilla form (with the Masque of Clavicus Vile, of course), it was easy for me to come up with references. Easy for me, I'm sure it was complicating for Kachima.

Elsa's sexy dress was Kachima's 'creation'. He basically took Elsa's first "Snow Queen" dress and made it sexier. It's something that actually stuck around for a bit.

Ah. #DiD moments were not out of the realm of my crossover fanfic. While the art above doesn't exactly happen, Elsa will get herself in some situations and it's going to be up to Onyx to get her out. Also, this is kind of symbolic for Elsa's relationship with Onyx and her situation within Skyrim.

Speaking of being bound to fate, there's a pic of Elsa in some good #DiD scenario. Notice how it's her own ice powers binding her. Also, is that the Amulet of Kings?!

The work above is actually a partner for the picture below. The picture above may or may not be inspired by Dragon Age 2 teaser trailer.

And the pic that I really, to this day, adore Kachima for. Now, I have done plenty of magnificent artwork with him but the one above, for some reason, just reaches out to me. I love Elsa's expression... the colors of her powers, the frost on the Masque of Clavicus Vile, the added details on Elsa's cloak and brooch (yeah, was and still am a big fan of the Coronation Dress)--hard to beat this. Makes me really miss the guy.

Welps, that's the Frozen Skyrim stuff with Kachima. Might have more #commission that I missed in regards to the crossover fic, but who knows. I know I'm still doing some catch up with posting my past commissions on this blog so expect more Kachima stuff!

Until Next Time!

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