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Commission: Digging for Kaitlin (2)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Kaitlin Star was definitely not clear from the crosshair of my ever so hungry #commission hobby! In fact, I do intend to put her in more situations as the months roll on by here (going to slow down a bit on other commission series to give a bit of fresh air and cool down time, ya know?). Also, ran across a deviant who is definitely into Ms. Star like I am and gave a slight boost to the fire! Collaborations and the likes are probably on their way and this is actually inspired by something he pushed my way! So thank you, Saltytrog!

A Variant with a bit more flare

And to those who are familiar with my blog, McBound is definitely an artist who is no stranger! In fact, he's responsible for giving Kaitlin a few #DiD moments in the past! Do check out his gallery! And do wait for more Kaitlin Star stuff in the near future!

Until Next Time!

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