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Commission (Ko-fi support): The Dovahkiin Doll

I have a great friend who I met through #DeviantArt some time back when I was first starting my #Frozen_Skyrim fanfiction. I have deeply enjoyed her art and there i s something very personable and attracting with the way she does her craft. I have worked her once before and shame she doesn't have a lot of time to do art for others, otherwise I'd jump in for another #commission from her. She's one of the few that really has a dynamic interest with my unorthodox fan fiction. But beyond that, she opened up a very limited spot recently in her Ko-fi page (and yes, it's where I got the idea of opening a Ko-fi account of my own). Basically, support her and one will get the chance to pick from one of the "Skyrim Doll" models and "dress it up" to one's liking. The result above is none other than my OC Dragonborn: Onyx. It's adorable to say the least!

I'm not sure if Evil-is-Relative is going to do anymore of those but I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a cute and more than affordable piece. Do check out my friend's pages and support her. She totally deserves it!

In the mean time, keep enjoying fandom! Here's to more of that in 2019!

Until Next Time!

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