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Masterless_me: Ko-Fi

"In 2012 Nigel Pickles (Ko-fi's founder) was looking for a way to thank an online creator who had helped with a project, saving a ton of time. All he could do was 'Like' the creator's content. It felt impersonal. "If only I could buy them a coffee to show appreciation". The idea for Ko-fi was born.

Since then over 400,000 creators choose Ko-fi as the free, fun and friendly way to ask for support from people who love their work. Ko-fi has helped all kinds of creators from illustrators to cosplayers receive over $10,000,000 to fund their passions.

Ko-fi doesn’t take a cut of donations. We fund the service via Ko-fi Gold Membership, an optional $6 monthly subscription."


So I started a Ko-fi page. That is the gist of this post. I am officially announcing that, yes. First off I just want to say that a good friend of mine, Evil-is-Relative, got me hooked on this with something she was sharing (something that I am not sure I can share just yet). The idea of Ko-fi's "tip the person" notion struck a fancy in me that I just decided to go for it. Now I'm not a 'typical' artist. I'm more of an art promoter and another Toy Reviewer in the Toy Collecting community. I'm also a writer at times, but for the most part I get most of my jive by #commissioning and sharing the commissioned art in here. I think for what I have done for and with the community speaks for my purpose: I'm just trying to push MY fandom forward. I share some common interests with a lot of people so it's no big surprise I have gained a small following in #Deviantart. This, all of this, my Toy Reviews, my Gaming insights (though not very wide as of late), and my Commissions are all for fun. But just like everyone else in this world, I won't mind making a few bucks from the hobby like the YouTubers I follow (ShartimusPrime, The Fwoosh, Etc).

This is why I decided to create a Ko-fi account. I'm not looking to make a living of my hobby by creating this account, it's just me thinking that some help could definitely push my fandom and hobby a bit further.

So I hope this makes sense to anyone who starts questioning the banner I will have in every post. And for anyone who wishes to tip me for my efforts, click on that lovely banner and, ya know, $3 comes a long way to keep this going like caffeine keeps me awake for my nightly pursuits to fulfill promises.

Until Next Time!

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