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Marvel Legends: 2024 Previews

What is this? Marvel Legends is making an appearance in Masterless.Me? Yes. Hasbro is hitting something that got me to talk about them. But I will say it here before we go through the figures: highly doubt I'll get every single one, probably not even half, but some are really REALLY hitting the nerd button. Anyways, let's get to this, shall we?

I do appreciate me a good Wolverine action figure. The Astonishing X-Men run was good and I liked his outfit then. This is definitely a 'modern' take on it and it looks good with these promotional shots. They redo the X-Force in this, and I'm down.

Oh yeah. I need this one, for sure. I actually really like Superior Spider-Man's look. I do like the story arc and the character growth that Peter Parker went through. Spider-Man also had a bit of an attitude to say the least!

The figure itself comes with some details the first version of this Spidey was lacking. Really close to pulling the trigger on this guy. That's saying a lot considering that Marvel Legends are almost an extinct toy line in my collection.

And now we are going to start getting into Iron Man. If there was one character that I could squeeze a few MLs in it would be Stark. I'm NOT sure if I would like the classic gold armor above, but hey, fits the bill, right?

That armor above is pretty detailed and it's PRE-Extremis. I might actually go for that but we'll see.

Classic Iron Man I can go with. I like te bulkiness of it all! I might just pull the trigger on the preorder here pretty soon!

Ghost Rider? With Danny Ketch style? I'm down! An accurate bike! Still down! I don't have room or space for him but I'm going to pull the trigger here haha!

And there are some other good ones that I am looking at. I doubt I'm going to hunt for a Deadpool and a She-Hulk Marvel Legends these days but they look good if we are talking about promotional models and photos.

Very weird to have Hasbro/Marvel Legends be the main spotlight of a post. Very odd that I'm actually looking at future releases. Will I pull the trigger? Let's see.

Until Next Time!

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