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Commission: Oh, Kaitlin! (2)

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

This lovely VR Trooper can't stay out of trouble, can she? Yes, that's right, it's Kaitlin Star again having a bit of trouble with her journalist/VR Troopers lifestyle. Now, for those of you who aren't aware, one of my favorite scenes in TV is Kaitlin Star's golden #DiD moment in "Kaitlin's Front Page". I need not explain that but, I do believe that Kaitlin Star carried herself as a very tantalizing #DiD person. Me, being me, I decided to explore other episodes that could have had some fantastic moments for our intrepid journalist/Trooper.

This time around, Kaitlin got herself into some serious trouble and is being sent off to serve her punishment for snooping around in an attempt to expose some dastard crimes going on around her city. Why didn't she transform? Guess the bad guys got the jump on her, didn't they? This wonderful #commission is done by McBound. First time working with the dev and it was a wonderful experience.

Until Next Time!

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