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Commission: Oh, Kaitlin (3)

Oh, Kaitlin! What are you up to now, huh? Well, she started poking around the wrong part of Crossworld City apparently! Things got heated up and now people aren't appreciative of her shenanigans and now they want her to take a dip!

The third addition to the "Oh, Kaitlin" (1 and 2) mini #commission series, Ms. Star definitely needs to find a way out of this mess somehow! ThunkStudio is, of course, responsible for this amazing piece! Like I said, I'm going to give Kaitlin Star some more attention. Not bad for the latter two months of the year, eh? Do pay attention for her presence next year and then some! Hey, maybe she's gonna riled up other fans to give her some attention! With that said, do enjoy this and then some! Kaitlin is showing one of her best angles!

Until Next Time!

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