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Commission: Onyx the Dovahkiin

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

It's another #Commission and this one is a piece that I has been on hold for a little while. I didn't fret over it because I am aware of the artist's waiting time but finally, here it is! And yes, it's my #Skyrim OC #Dovahkiin, Onyx. Let's check it out. And yes, the art from the top is in-game from my ps3 days!

It's a pretty simple and cartoony piece of work done by Shonemitsu. I've always enjoyed his work and what he has to offer and despite the lag of finishing the work, I'm almost always 100% pleased with what I get. Me not stating that I am FULLY satisfied does NOT mean he does bad art. Again, if one is willing to wait, then it'll be worth it. Onyx may not get as many commissions these days, but it's still fun to have an out-of-game art of him. Well, that's about it. Let's see what the next few commissions will bring!

Until Next Time!

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