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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (85)"

We're here again! Tuesday! Who gets excited for Tuesday, right? Let's jump right in and start enjoying some good ol' fashion DiD day! Let's go!

This Emilia character had made her rounds on my page. Usually with a particular artist/comm'er collaboration. This time around, however, it's Magnolia who provides. It's a pretty well-done piece too. Lots of good rigging and humiliating dialogue for the poor Damsel.

Now that's a lot of struggling around, eh? I do love the sign of distress with the ripped tights, the disheveled hair, and the tape blindfold halfway coming out. Mistereye DiD wonders with this one!

Wonder Woman will NOT be relevant as a Damsel in Distress. PERIOD. And she's had multiple covers worthy of remakes and 'editing'. This particular one is. Glad the snakes got the full upper hand in Zorro-Zero's version!

Ayla DiD is quite rare. I mean, I have helped with the Season One (END) commission, but she still deserves her moment. That one is a glorious addition from CastagnoNSFW!

Paula Peril continues to provide us with amazing DiD fuel to the fire! And while the DiD community won't find themselves parched with Paula Peril DiD content, it doesn't stop artists and comm'ers from adding more ropes to this lovely reporter.

A manga with a lot of bondage. It's non-canon--I'm 98% sure. But this is just well done and I love the last few panels. Do check out TamaWara for more DiD content. Be warned, he might be crossing a few lines.

Yes. A damsel Peach is a world set right. She's also within Booette's grasp and not Bowser; it's rare, I know. Win-Win, for sure!

Let's talk about Tifa Lockhart. But before that, thank you Tetsuffy. Now, Tifa rocked the fandom community with her beachwear from FFVII Rebirth. And from my understanding, they are playable outfits and not just cutscene outfits like the Wall Market dress. This particular art... I'm going to say that Aerith DiD this.

Well, that's it for this week. Not much else to say other than let's hope we have another great week next time.

Until Next Time!

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