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Commission: Rachel Grey Prisoner of FOH

I honestly thought that I had this #commission already posted. If I did, I wasn't able to find it and if not, well, here it is. Let's get into it then, shall we?

This special commission was done by none other than the unique and amazing ShaperofThings. What makes this one special was that Shaper came to me to actually wanting to 'tackle' a DiD commission of Rachel. He actually spent some time with this one I absolutely love how it turned out.

What's even more amazing is that he had three version. Different color palette and a version where Rachel seems to be getting in touch with her Phoenix Force? Regardless, the idea here is that FOH managed to snag this beauty and is now keeping her hostage.

And as a bonus, here was the sketch. That's an ugly hogtie... well, it's beautiful on my end but it's VERY painful for her. Anyways, that's it for that. Just wanted to get an official post about this lovely commission.

Until Next Time!

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