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Commission: Rikku DiDressphere Samurai

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

In homage to a special game that came out today, here is Samurai Dressphere Rikku having one of her #DiDressphere moments! Man I remember this #commission! Probably one of the best from that series of commissions! I like using Rikku as a samurai because of her outfit--a homage to Auron from FFX. While Auron wore it with an intimidating factor and badassery, Rikku's version definitely has the sexy factor to it. And when placed in a rather compromising, #DiD scenario, it equals some good stuff! I definitely think that Xshentong pulled it off with this one! Definitely fitting! Again, really one of my favorites of Rikku's mishaps with her Dressphere fiasco!

Until Next Time!

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