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Commission: Rikku Gunner DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Yuna's default Dressphere looks good on her, however, Rikku doesn't look too bad especially when placed in the #DiDressphere series! While I never used Rikku as a Gunner, I definitely wasn't going to overlook this Dressphere when going through this project. Seeing how the theme of a Gunner has a lot to do with the western/cowboy theme, I definitely needed to pay homage to that in regards to Rikku's #DiD moment. For this wonderful piece, I decided to go with Reptileye--a fantastic artist who is no stranger to my #commissioning hobby. And he produces some wonderful stuff and what came out is nothing short of amazing. It looks 'western', the position is wonderful, and that final praisely cleave gag that he pulled off! Yep! Gorgeous stuff! Definitely another good addition to the DiDressphere project! There are a few more wonderful things coming in this series!

Until Next Time!

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