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Commission: Rikku Mascot DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Rikku's Mascot Dressphere was always going to be a tough sell. The ever-so sexy Al Bhed is inside a Caith Sith suit and pretty much covered up and hardly recognizable. The only time she is recognizable is when she takes the mask off and out comes her adorable face. I had to juggle with paying homage to vibe of the Mascot Dressphere, the look of the Dressphere, and making sure we know that Rikku is in a #DiD moment. So how do I deal with this?

The vibe was easy: hire Gaggeddude32, an artist who does art with a lot of DiD and has this ambiance about him that is cartoony in coloring, anatomy, and just overall style. But that doesn't take away from the sensuality that the DiD community is looking for. Which made him perfect for this #commission! Combine that with a quick-thinking, we have a variation where we see what Riklu is going through inside the Dressphere. At the very least, she's not going to be bored! Also, she's gonna have to be conservative of her struggling since her captors will most likely keep the mask on when needing to transport her to wherever they need to go. Needless to say, this #DiDressphere came out amazing!

Until Next Time!

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