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Commission: Rikku Psychic DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The #DiDressphere took me to SeductiveBunneh, an artist who also made her mark within the #DiD community. For the Psychic Dressphere, Rikku (and the other gals) tend to do superheroine things and float about indiscriminately. I figure for this duress, Rikku is strung up in homage to her usual antics with this Dressphere. And since she is a superheroine, she'll need some state-of-the-art restraints (binds and gags) so we went with something that combines energy and super durable cuffs. All the while, Rikku is displayed in front of everyone much to her dismay.

Bunneh is also the artist that does variants--though it's part of her commission rates and I am not opposed to it one bit. For the second variant, I chose just normal ropes and tape gag--looking at it now, I'd probably add some ropes around her arms but that would have drastically changed the picture.

All in all, this is #commission really has a great situation along with a fantastic art style that just looks both adorable and sexy. I'm sure Rikku agrees, eh? From here, it's obvious that I continued to work with SeductiveBunneh to produce some fantastic stuff! I've shown some already and will share more in the future.

Until Next Time!

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