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Commission: Rosa Farrell

This #commission is obviously done by none other than AkinaSilver--a true talent. A sweetheart too. It's kind of... strange at times that she would be drawing this kind of stuff--this I mean, #DiD artwork. But that's just a small little observatin that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things! The important thing is the beautiful damsel that is sitting prettily in front of us.

Rosa Farrell is the female love interest of the protagonist of FFIV, Cecil Harvey. She's a pretty classic Final Fantasy gal and she has one of those designs that can be both complex and beautiful at the same time. She's also an archer/white mage and she also got her own canonical DiD moment in the game. Though the sprites DiDn't do it justice. Figured a retelling of that would do--through my #Dissidia_NT lens, of course!

Until Next Time!

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