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Commission: She Can(not) escape

The Evangelion animated series produced the iconic Tsundere, Asuka Soryu Langley! She's gone through plenty of #DiD from the community that seriously, she wasn't lacking. I, myself, #commissioned her before so I definitely gave my share. Though I am actually not talking about that commission. Funny enough, I have yet to share that in this blog. So what is this I'm sharing? Well, this is Asuka Shikinami Langley from the Evangelion Remake. Wait, isn't that the same person? Well, yes. But this is, more or less, an alternate version of the fiery redhead. Because she's a top-selling anime/tsundere gal, she just had to have a new jacket and a 'cat-like' hat to go along with that with the new dud. Also, she has an eyepatch. While Asuka isn't exactly downgraded in the remake, I will say that it is a weird package all together. But I just had to have GBeeee draw her. Pole-tied, silenced, and well roped up--I think the world of Evangelion is a little more peaceful.

Until Next Time!

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