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Commission: Terra vs Elsa

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here's another #commission! This is a recent one! It's another #Victorious_Vixen commission with a #DiD flare! Terra Branford isn't quite herself (obvious by the headband on her head) and is bringing Elsa along to... whoever is controlling her. Also, this picture MIGHT be a continuation of these my other commissions (Failed Journey, Vs Maleficent, xRikku); Elsa still has the same bindings with the exception of her legs lacking the ropes. Also, Terra got tired of wearing that gag and put it on Elsa apparently.

This is the first time I worked with Psyclopathe and she is a FAST worker. She also has a distinct manga style that just makes these characters look unique. Love the way Elsa looks so frightened! Also, look at their eyes! Probably won't be the last time I'll work with her since the first experience was fast and amazing. Another great commission on my gallery!

Until Next Time!

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