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Commission: The Dark Angel

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

She was once called the "Dark Angel of San Fransisco." Well, no matter what title or alias she went by, Jessica Drew will always be the first and the best Spider-Woman. She even looks the best in action and in bondage. This #commission is from AleX00Xela; an artist I found through another fellow commissioner, HelZart. Let me just say that the first experience was nothing short of a pleasure! Just check out the other two optional poses that he 'sketched out' for me:

The original idea was the one to the right, but he really went with the idea of the "Spider-Man parody pose". The one on the left was also tempting, but clearly, I chose a different route. Man, the guy's just plain talent. I can't really say enough about his work! He really makes #DiD artwork look fantastic! Much thanks to HelZ again for helping me find Alex

Until Next Time!

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