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Commission: Y'shtola's V.V Try-Outs

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Never thought it in question, eh, Y'shie?

Y'shtola Rhul wanted to see what Terra and Rikku are up to. Come to find out that the two are part of an elite squad called "Victorious Vixens". She asked if she could join. Come to find out, it's got a lot of things going for and against being part of the team. The missions, as Terra and Rikku explain, go through some serious distress. So to be nice, the Esper and the Al Bhed decided to give the curious Miq'ote a lesson.

This beautiful #commission is done by none other than the amazing OrangeBoyBC! I swear, I love working with that guy! Also, this is all for my new found love for FFXIV! To many more hours on the game and with Y'shie!

Also, sadly... Y'shtola didn't make the cut. Though she's a good ally to have, even if she would be bait at times!

Until Next Time!

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