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DC Fandome 1

Well, DC has been doing a lot of things to really get their Universe on a good roll. DC Fandome is definitely one of their highly marketed streaming event that I think had some pretty good line ups. Well, said event was yesterday and it's time to break things down a bit. Without further adieu, let's dig right in!

The Movies

I'm actually looking forward to this Wonder Woman movie. I can't say I'm jumping in joy at the idea that it's coming, but it looks interesting. As I said, Gal Gadot does look really good and they've given her some attention through the years. She's definitely better than her BvS entrance. Oh, Snyder...

OH, man! The roll-call!

The Suicide Squad is something I have had my sights on. Suicide Squad from 2016 may be a guilty pleasure of mine, I will say that I wanted a better version with the main casts (Harley! cough cough) for some time now and looks like this is it. James Gunn is responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy and we all know how popular that team became. I honestly am impressed how much they kept Harley close to her comic book (modern) aesthetics. She's sexy but still not overtly sexualized. And everyone else, well, they look interesting. They got some pretty obscure and most likely meat fodder. Again, I'll be keeping my eyes on this movie and its progress.

And.... The Batman. I don't know. I feel like Batman is very similar to the Spider-Man treatment. They are (arguably) the most popular Superheroes of their respected brand and, to me, their movie haven't really done anything for me (ASM and Spiderverse being exceptions). With Rob Pattinson unnder the cowl, I'm not griping that former Twilight actor is Bruce Wayne, I'm just a bit over the Batman and Spider-Man(boy) stuff. But, we'll see, I guess.

Speaking of Snyder! I mean, really? Just how much better can this movie be? I'm not a fan of Snyder's run on the DCEU, and no, it's not because it's darker and grittier. It's just, seriously not good comic book movies for me. But here comes the Snyder Cut! Yay?

The Games

I'm pretty interested in gaming, clearly. I was a huge fan of Arkham Asylum and the sequel, Arkham City--I was a mild fan of Arkham Knight. All in all, it was a fun experience but the teases of being able to play as other characters (Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, and Batgirl) always left me wanting a game without Batman and just have the side characters. Well, here we are. Sure, I want Catwoman and Huntress in there, but ya know. Possible DLC? Anyways, the game looks interesting and I'll keep my eyes on it.

Now... this game had some mild implications that kind of got my mind thinking it was a straight no BS Justice League vs Suicide Squad but judging from how we have a mind-controlled Superman showing up, well, it might not be that simple of a formula. Still, it's only a cinematic preview and I am excited for Tara Strong reprising her role as Harley.


Well, those are the things that interested me. Or at least, interested me in the area of talking about it. I'm going to keep eyes on these and we'll see what DC has for us for DC Fandome 2. In three weeks. Anyways. That's about it!

Until Next Time!

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