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Dissidia NT: Bartz and Ace New Costume

New costume time! Once again, it's for characters that I don't really use so this isn't really doing much for me other than seeing some new designs to drop some meteors on! Bartz and Ace gets new outfits, but I can only find a good one for Bartz; Ace doesn't look that good to me so, yeah. Bartz's Samurai armor though, that I have to admit, that outfit looks pretty darn cool!

Here's Truebladeseeker's talk about some updates on #Dissidia_NT. I don't share his opinion on costumes; I mean, it makes sense, but if you like the character enough, I think it's worth supporting. At any rate, after Tifa's appearance in the game, I wonder who they are going to announce that could possibly spark more interest with this game? Well, that's about it for this!

Until Next Time!

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