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Dissidia NT: First DLC and Updates

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Well, here we are! The news I have been waiting for! The first revelation of Dissidia's first update. Well, I'll just jump right into the reveal of the first character: Vayne Garudas Solidar, the main protagonist of FFXII. Now before I talk about this guy, I Just want to point out that if he is the representative of FFXII's antagonist in Dissidia NT, shouldn't we have Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca in Dissidia NT over VaanZ? I mean, why wouldn't it be the sexy Princess of FFXII? She has more of a motive and story to go against Vayne! Not to mention, we are dire need of more female characters. I would go over my full thoughts on how I think she would be a good Vanguard mixed with some Marksman, but let's leave that be and focus on the reveal of Vayne as our first DLC character.

Truth to be told, I only just recently finished FFXII with the FFXII Zodiac Age version. It is in this version that I finally got to go toe to toe with Vayne himself and that experience was something else. I beat him with the first try, but that fight required some thought on my part. Watching his reveal trailer, it seems that they are including his brawler status along with this hard hitting firsts. A good route to take with him since we are mostly blade wielders in Dissidia NT. I also expected an antagonist as the latest addition since the Materia warriors out number the Spiritus champions by a few.

Another addition I like is a new stage. This is definitely going to add more variety in match ups. Though it looks pretty small, and I'm wondering how that will do as a stage for someone like Terra. Still, a nod to Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my favorite Final Fantasy spin off game is always appreciated. Another thing that we are getting is an official and in game character move list! WOW! That should have been a no brainer from the start, shouldn't it have?

In conclusion, I'm pretty excited that we are going forward with the first season DLC characters. Some news is good, but I am still hoping for characters I actually have personal connections with! More on that later! But for now, let's keep going for those victory fanfare, shall we? And yes, I'm still addicted to Final Fantasy Dissidia NT!

Until Next Time!

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