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Dissidia NT: Gabranth 8th DLC Character

Here we are with another character DLC for #Dissidia_NT! Gabranth is not a HUGE surprise considering his name was dropped during the Data Mine news last year. He was also in Dissidia 012 so... yeah.

I've always liked Gabranth's design. His armor, for a Final Fantasy character, isn't exactly the most outlandish; it's actually quite simple all things considered. But there are some layers within the simplicity that makes him stand out. Also, that helmet! And just like most characters, #Dissidia_NT does a fine job translating him into higher definition graphics and really make him stand out.

As for his alternate skin, this is definitely less imposing but for sure going in line with the FFXII lore. He is, after all, Basch's twin brother, so taking off all that armor and giving him this look certainly does have merit. Though I'm not sure if I am even going to be getting Gabranth so paying for this alternate skin may not even happen. Still, I like the addition and it's appreciated from a lore point of view!

In conclusion, I think it's a good move. He's got a following, he's got a pretty awesome moveset, and not to mention, he's in between a good guy and a bad guy so... yeah. Shame I probably won't be playing as him, but I'm sure once I pick up my Dissidia NT again I'll be meeting up with him!

Until Next Time!

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