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Dissidia NT: Ramza and Zidane New Costume

Seems like we are getting new skins for #Dissidia_NT left and right. Just last week we got one for Cloud and Squall, this week we are getting Ramza and Zidane. This is a good thing, no doubt, but how fast these DLC contents are getting pumped out and barely any kind of advertising (barely or none) makes me feel like the devs have a timer in their head... ya know, similar to FFVII's timer to get out of the Mako Reactor, which we will see again in HD when #FFVII_Remake comes out? At any rate, let's get right into it.

As you know, I'm not a fan of FFIX to care that much about Zidane. I think Zidane wastes the dual-wielding-thief slot that should be for Rikku to make use and glorify, but oh well. But all you Zidane/FFIX lovers, here we go!

Now Ramza I'm a fan of. I played the living gyashi greens out of FFT from my old PSX days. His Heretic outfit in the final chapter was not my favorite and it looked quite odd in that game but it doesn't look so bad in Dissidia NT. Sadly, I never got good with Ramza to make use of this awesome skin. Will be fun running into him though when I game.

And of course, what's new skins without new weapons, eh? The Ragnarok from FFT and a weapon for Zidane that I don't care to know what the name of it is. Well that's about it! E3 is just around the corner so will be posting a bit more gaming news when that time comes around!

Until Next Time!

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