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Dissidia NT: Rinoa Heartilly 3rd DLC and Updates

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan but I have to say that FFVIII is one of my least favorite of the numbered titled game. Don't get me wrong, I had fun when I did my two-three playthroughs way back when, and I also liked some of the characters. Unfortunately, I wasn't that big of a fan of the lead female protagonist, Rinoa. BUT, she's going to join the fray for the next #DLC of #DissidiaNT! And another female addition to our overly male stuffed roster!

As far as her gameplay goes, Rinoa seems to fall under the category of a marksman. She has magic and her boomerang weapon. She also has Angelo in the mix, which, for those die-hard FFVIII/Rinoa fans, this definitely does pay homage! Those Angel Wings! And some of her magic spells look amazing! I can definitely see myself trying her out since I found out that I am much more of a marksman kind of person (for those who couldn't tell). Unlike Vayne, I probably will get her and try her out. The funny thing is, I haven't used Locke as much as I wanted because I'm still stuck playing as Terra!

And then thanks to TrueBladeSeeker, I got to see some fantastic insight on Rinoa's EX modes. Interesting! Oh and Terra got reworked after her Rework? AND she got more buffs than debuffs? That is freaking amazing! Cannot wait to use "Terra Branford 2.5".

For a final note: here's to hoping that we get #Rikku in the future, or something!

Until Next Time!

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