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Dissidia NT: Snow Villers 5th DLC and Updates

You know, I'm not excited for Snow, but his movesets and how he fights looks pretty damn interesting. I bought Locke, Rinoa, and Yuna while I skipped out on Vayne and Kam'lanaut, so I don't know where I stand with this guy. I wasn't a huge fan of him in the original game, the FFXIII I actually liked. I will most likely skip him since I do better as a marksman/shooter type (thus why I am Terra, Yuna, and Rinoa for the most part... wish I do better as Locke).

But that's not all the news I'm going to talk about!

TruBlade Seeker always has some nice info to say about Dissidia NT. Here he breaks down some of Snow's moveset, his unique play style, and his EX skill. Not only that, he briefly goes over some updates on Dissidia NT! New character skins?! HELL YES! Well, that's all I have so far. Will be posting more gameplay with Terra some time soon!

Until Next Time!

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