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Dissidia NT: Updates Terra and Kefka

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Finally! An update on the FFVI crew, well, the original ones that appeared on #DissidiaNT anyways (sorry Locke, hopefully yours will come soon!). Terra and Kefka both get a brand new costume, a new weapon, and some additional chat messages. Of course, knowing me, I had to jump in with Terra's new duds and since Kekfa is Terra's antagonist, I decided to just buy the pack and get his as well. Special shout out to Shin Kurosawa for pointing this out! I wouldn't have found out this soon had he not messaged me on #Discord! So let's just take a good look.

Terra Branford gets her "Dissidia 012" costume which was inspired by one of Amano's concept art for Terra (or as Japan knows her as Tina). I'll go more in depth with it as we go on with the post but I actually like it better in Dissidia NT. As for Kefka, the crazy bastard gets his "Final Form" or Heartless Angel. It looks pretty good and it definitely does pay homage to that magnificent and nostalgic boss fight. But as much as I love Kefka, the main spotlight is obviously Terra!

The outfit has a lot of blue. More blue than I would like to have but it's a good contrast to the other outfits that I use. I'm a purist when it comes to Terra so her Magitek outfit and Benevolent Maiden stays red when I'm using her. Though for the Benevolent Maiden, I do use the other alternate colors once in a while.

Looks pretty good in action and just like her Magitek Knight, the cape moves in a somewhat organic way--though a bit stiff at times. Not a big deal.

Again, good contrast to her usual red.

For those who are only BLONDE Terra, have no fear, this outfit sticks with that hair color. More of a green Terra Branford, but hey, I like Terra no matter what so this is a welcome change. I do find myself using this here and there so again, power to Square Enix for putting it in. Oh, didn't get any screenshots of her Esper form but it has a gold tint mixed with the dominantly pink color.

Now as far as the Ultima Weapon goes, it looks neat. I figured I'd pair it up with her Magitek Knight costume and just give Enhancer a rest. It looks pretty good to be honest. I do remember this weapon from way back when and I do remember it getting shorter the more the user takes damage. The only time I used this in battle, my HP didn't deplete to the point I am red so I didn't see an aesthetic change. I doubt they'd put it in but hey, that would be a nice change wouldn't it? Honestly, Terra doesn't use her sword in close combat so I don't see it being a big deal to add the special effect in, but heaven forbid if they give Terra more attention than Cloud and Lightning.

AND for some gameplay on her new duds! Again, fun to see her in a new light for sure! Hoping the Free-to-Play gimmick with Dissidia NT is going to help bring in revenue! I know I'm running into new players, that's for sure!

Until Next Time!

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