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Dissidia NT: Free to Play Launch

#DissidiaNT is still one of my favorite games as of right now. I am a firm believer that this game needs a revival and MORE characters! I'm not sure how much the free-to-play gimmick will do for it, but I do hope it does something.

If Dissidia NT gains a small following through the free-to-play maneuver, then perhaps they will have some minor updates to this game. So how does it work? From my understanding, four characters will be free on a weekly basis and will be cycled every week. If a player using the free edition likes the character they are using, then said player can pay for the character (at this moment, the price is unknown) to keep him/her. Free players and official game owners can go against each other--and not just that, this game will be available on steam so there will be a broader challengers that could potentially join in.

Dissidia NT free-to-play will launch on March 12, 2019. Check out TheNighSkyPrince's video above for more details. And just like him, I do hope that this game gets revived through this! We'll find out soon enough. The 12th is just around the corner!

Until Next Time!

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