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Marvel Rivals

What is this? This game came out of nowhere and literally took me by surprise! I think it took the whole world by surprise. Anyway, here we go. Let's just take a look at Marvel Rivals, shall we?

This looks like Overwatch. I know that's been said more than enough times by other outlets, but hard not to see the correlation right off the get-go. From the graphics to the gameplay, and the overall presentation. It just oozes Overwatch and honestly, the state of Overwatch these days, I'd think having a Marvel version around isn't a bad thing at all. From the outside looking in, Overwatch looks fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Seems like a PvP, six-on-six game. A battle royale very similar to the playing field of--wait for it-- Overwatch.

Magik? Yes. This game includes some very unique and underutilized characters! I'm all for it, of course! And if this game rolls out and does amazing numbers and acclaim I'm more than positive we'll see more characters. Hoping to see more characters jump into the screen.

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, please?

Then, of course, they are going to Assemble familiar characters. We got ourselves Iron Man, of course.

We got Spider-Man too. And I do like the different take on their outfits. Revolving around the art style of the game.

Now we have Peni Parker! Now THAT I doubt anyone would expect. While Penni's popularity rose thanks to her involvement with the first Spiderverse, to see her in full-on NGE theme, I'm all for it!

Hoping to get an OG Peni Parker alternate skin, please.

Sp//dr looks good too! I'm really enjoying the design of Penni's ..... Eva. Yeah, I said it.

Then they add this girl as the cosmic being to host this battle royale! Least, that's how I took her involvement in this trailer. And it's a nice surprise. As a seemingly throwaway sexy character drawn by Adam Warren, seeing Galactus' daughter appear in any sort of mainstream light was VERY unlikely. But here she is!

Such a gorgeous Devourer of Planets.

And Adam Warren is a popular name in THIS blog! I'm sure it's easy to find out why.

It's still pretty early to say anything other than HEY, it looks like Overwatch! And this game very well could crash and burn. But if anything else, we get to have some spotlight on Marvel in another image. We got obscure characters making an appearance and other characters getting some love. I do hope it works out well and who knows, I might even try this out. GIVE ME SPIDER-WOMAN, please. Anyways, will keep an eye out for this one.

Until Next Time!

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