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Dissidia NT: Vaan & Kain Costumes

Yes, I'm still sharing updates for #DissidiaNT. I still love that game despite the fact I have not played it in ages. So here is the new update! Kain and Vaan gets their 3rd skin! I believe Kain's is from the FFIV: After Years.

It's honestly not that great looking and I don't use Kain so it doesn't do much for me.

Vaan's outfit on the other hand is the outfit I wish he wore as a default. It's dry reminiscent of Balthier's and in my humble opinion it's still a bit better. I really wish he wore this then I would have withstood him more. I'm almost sure that this is just an outfit made for Dissidia NT.

With all that said, that doesn't mean I changed my opinion that they should've put Ashelia in here instead of Vaan.

Seriously! We need Ashelia to get more love! Well, that's enough rant for one day!

Until Next Time!

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