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Dissidia NT: Yuna 5th character DLC

The introduction of the new DLC character for #Dissdia_NT is none other than the FFX beauty herself: Yuna! I'm pretty excited about having one of the better FF gal in the mix, but for some reason, seeing how she was already in 012 in her Summoner form, I'm slightly disappointed that Square Enix didn't go the X-2 route. I mean, it was the last costume she was technically used if we were going off the standards of Dissidia NT. Just look at Lightning's FFXIII-3 outfit being the main look they used for her. I also thought that aside from visuals, Team Ninja could have been very bold and integrated Rikku and Paine. How is that? Well, we have Cecil who turns into Dark Knight and Paladin with his EX skill. Onion Knight can change jobs doing the same. Lightning can shift from Ravager and Commando with a press of the left analog stick. And then we have EX Death who has three forms of combat through his EX skill (I believe; I actually never used him). So why not have Yuna's EX skill comprise of being able to shift from Rikku (assassin) and Paine (vanguard) while Yuna will be the marksman!

To top it off, her alternate outfit ain't even her Gunner outfit. Did people forget that FFX-2 was also a pivotal point of the story?

Now I know I sound like I'm complaining and the addition of another favorite character of mine is something I don't appreciate. Trust me, it's appreciated. Gameplay wise, she looks absolutely amazing to use! I like how Valefor is used and the essence of the other Aeons are in the game, at least in her attacks they are. We have Heavenly Strike (Shiva), Pain (Anime), Meteor Strike (Ifrit), and I see Bahamut and Ixion's attacks as well. She also ha a counter! Is that an HP and Brave attack counter?! At any rate, I'm pretty sure I'll be using her. Not sure if she will replace Terra, but she'll be another character I'm going to try and master. Perhaps the third skin will be her X-2 dressphere! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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