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Dissidia NT: Yuna Songstress Dressphere

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Well now! I was expecting Yuna's Gunner Dressphere for her 3rd costume in #Dissidia_NT... but her Songstress? I'm down with that! She looks absolutely stunning! This isn't a bad representation of X-2 at all since, it is, after all, Yuna's second well used outfit throughout the game.

Now we all know that I'm still a #TerraBranford main(need to play again. It's been some time). I know I dabbled with Yuna for a little bit here and there but I didn't find myself connecting with her gameplay. With this sexy Dressphere on her, I just might try again! There's no release date yet but I'm sure I'll jump on it when I see it! Can't wait to have it!

Until Next Time!


"You'll be able to grab both Yuna's Songstress's Garb and Lightning's Midnight Mauve from September 12th!"

-FinalFantasy Twitter

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