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Dissidia NT: Words on Yuna

Yuna has been out for a little bit within the #DissidiaNT community but it was only just recently that I was able to try her out. Truth to be told I would rather still wished that we still got Gunner Yuna...

Absolutely no reason why they shouldn't have went with the X-2 Yuna. I know a lot of FFX loyal fans detest the idea of FFX-2 being canon, but for better or for worse (for better in my humble opinion) FFX-2 DID happen. Also, the trend of Dissidia NT seems to go with using recent appearances of Final Fantasy characters (Lightning in her XIII-3 attire and Cloud being in his FFVII AC look). Why didn't they keep that idea with Yuna? We already have staff wielding mages within the ranks. Besides, adding a gunner would have made Laguna's inevitable (supposedly) return seem less out of place as this would bring another gunner in the mix. Also, they could have done something daring with Gunner Yuna, as I have mentioned before: Instead of JUST Yuna, why not have YRP? The special EX skill is to be able to switch between Yuna, Rikku, and Paine! A Marksman, an Assassin, and a warrior all in one, which would have made Yuna a specialist! Seriously, Square Enix! Also, just my opinion, Yuna looks sexier in her Gunner attire... for obvious reasons, of course. Regardless, FFX Yuna, summoner Yuna is what we got.

Despite all of my complaints, Yuna isn't a bad marksman and I actually feel that I can be proficient with her if I give her enough time (though I don't think I'll give anyone as much time as I have given Terra Branford).

Yuna's attacks are obviously long range and they are chargeable. I'm still trying to get the full grasp on them but she has some good 'trapping' moves as well as some really long range attacks.

If one looks hard enough, it's easy to see that Yuna's attacks are based on her Aeon's special attacks. The glyph of each Aeon can be seen and said attack will follow. Easy to recognize Yojimbo's, Ifrit's, Shiva's, and Ixion's. Again, they are chargeable and at the risk of delaying an attack and leaving one's self open, Yuna can really deliver powerful bravery attacks. Still trying to get the full grasp of her moves so for now, I really like Bahamut's, Ixion's, and Yojimbo's attacks.

Yuna's uniqueness comes from being able to summon FFX's staple Summon/Aeon: Valefor. He is the only one that really appears in physical form and can aid Yuna with his own HP attack that is similar to Cloud of Darkness' secondary HP attack. I haven't incapacitated anyone with it, though I have found myself on the other end of it enough times since Yuna's first appearance.

In terms of skins, Yuna, of course, comes with her standard FFX costume and color palette. For the alternate, she has a nice scarlet color that I am fond of as well as a pink-like color scheme that I don't care for much. Her alternate costume is her wedding dress... which again, should be her Gunner since it is her other popular outfit. As far as her weapons go, she has her in-game cut scene staff that we all recognize and some other ones that one can acquire throughout FFX's journey.

Again, just to put the point across... if Dissidia NT wanted to use FFX Yuna, they could have at least given us Gunner Yuna for the alternate skin!

So I may seem ungrateful, in some sense, I am. I really wanted a representation of FFX-2 since it is one of my favorite Final Fantasies, but Final Fantasy X is also a high favorite of mine so I shouldn't be as ungrateful. Yuna is still beautiful and given enough time I can be efficient with her like I am with Terra. Maybe. But here's to hoping that #Rikku somehow makes it in Dissidia NT!

Until Next Time!

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