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DuDs: Spider-Woman and Spider-Man (PS4) Graphic Tees

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

For anyone who has been around the fandom of comic books, anime, and/or video games for the past decade or so, Hot Topic is a place where one can find a lot of that stuff. It's not all goth and rock, mind you, even though from my understanding, it started out that way. Nowadays they're all into geek stuff and they sell a plethora of accessories of such. T-Shirts are one of their biggest source of income so it's no surprise that I find myself owning a few of their shirts--Marvel related or not. During the Holidays, I stumbled on an Instagram post by a Spider-Woman enthusiast from Instagram, Official_SpiderWoman. Needless to say, I bought a shirt from and the rest is history! Let's get right into the show and tell!

(For more info on Hot Topic's history, just check out Hot Topic's WIKI page; I found most of the stuff I needed to know there)

A Spider-Woman shirt in a mainstream store! That's something, right? That's rare! I always have to go through just to get anywhere, but here I am with an "Official" mainstream Spider-Woman graphic tee! Now the one I bought from Red Bubble is probably a bit more unique and well thought out, but a Spider-Woman apparel where she is the ONLY character in it, or at least the main center point, is a rarity. I'm glad to have this and I have worn it once since acquiring it.

Amidst that online stop to nab that Spider-Woman shirt, I found this Spider-Man PS4 shirt that was on sale. In fact, there was a sale at that time where if you buy two graphic tees you get a percentage off (or free shipping, I forgot). I couldn't pass that up and I am a fan of red shirts. That Spider Emblem is also amazing so it's a win-win!

Definitely good find! I love that Spider-Woman shirt and the Spider-Man shirt isn't so bad itself! For any fans of Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew out there, REJOICE! Seems like she is slithering her way to mainstream here and there! I recommend this shirt 100%! Oh, and the Spider-Man shirt isn't so bad on its own either! Check out to see if there are still sales on their graphic tee side!

Until Next Time!

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