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FFVII R: Battle Analysis (Night Sky Prince)

The NightSkyPrince did it again! You guys have to check out his video!

With Final Fantasy VII Remake news just around the horizon, there are many who are speculating just what we are going to be getting in terms of its gameplay. There are many out there who simply want this game to remain a traditional JRPG and I can understand why they will say that but honestly, I want this game to steer away from that. In fact, most of the games I play (if I do game these days) that I play that are mostly RPG related are not standard or classic. With the return of Final Fantasy VII and it being a huge game that is going to go to the mainstream, I can almost bet that the majority want it to be a polished gameplay similar to FFXV and Kingdomhearts. Me personally, I don't mind a bit of how they do #Dissidia_NT, but they have to really clean up some areas.

At any rate, E3 is just around the corner so we'll have some major news that's for sure. In the mean time, check out NighSkyPrince's analysis! Check out his page! Dude does fantastic stuff!

Until Next Time!

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