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FFVII Rebirth: "No Promises to Keep"

More Final Fantasy VII Rebirth content, yes? Well, VGA 2023 came in and went (not even sure I am interested in covering that) but one thing is for sure: We are getting more Final Fantasy VII Rebirth content! And for that, I am a happy person!

Whoa. Right? Also, Aerith can sing. A lot of things popped up that are giving a fan like me to be excited about. There are many moments but I'm just going to point out the ones that gravitated towards me. Some key things to take from this new trailer:

  • We finally have the entire crew revealed in their HD form!

Vincent Valentine and Cid Highwind are here! And they all look pretty loyal to their original form. Of course, a few modifications to either fit the modern bill or just for a grander upgrade. I have no complaints since they both look good. Can't wait to see what they can do.

  • We have images of new summons!

Well, Kjata was revealed earlier but Phoenix, Titan, and "Bahamut Arisen" are all brand new to the line-up. Bahamut Arisen is definitely brand new, that much is for sure. And they all look amazing.

  • The date. I want to see how that turns out and I want to see each interaction. I wonder how much they are going to put into Yuffie and Cloud's meetings before the Gold Saucer date?

Playful Yuffie, but they have the least amount of chemistry to explore.

Childhood friends, teasing the idea of lovers. I do believe I am more for "Cloti" than the other options.

Then there's Aerate and Cloud. I'd say it's these two that, I feel, are good for one another.

And, yes, there is a Barret chance. But I'm not going to try and even entertain that moment unless it's for a trophy requirement! But, yes, a moment I want to be able to play soon!

Who descends from above?

The gameplay, seemingly going in the right direction. Looks engaging and built up from the first game. The open world. The side games. The story beats, the boss fights, and just the pure beauty of the game. I can't wait for this game. Also, I keep remembering to play Intergrade. Should beat that now.

Until Next Time!

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