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FFVII Remake: Official Boxart & More

That's right! We now have an official game box for Final Fantasy VII R! Everything about it definitely pays homage to the original game. Can't say much else but that! I love it! But that's not all Square Enix did for us today! They released some Hi-Res images!

No doubt that Tifa's reveal has been one of the biggest thing about FFVII Remake. All for good reason. She does look gorgeous just chilling in 7th Heaven.

The details on her hair and skin are something else. The graphics for this game in general just looks amazing.

Dare I say that Tifa looks amazing in battle? I personally wrap my head around the backlash on Tifa's redesign! But, again, everyone has their own damn opinions.

Barret Wallace also looks amazing with the new details placed on him. POUCHES! POUCHES! Definitely 90s. But look at his gun-arm! Looks menacing as hell!

And I'm hoping that's Big Shot waiting to happen! Definitely love the looks of this!

And Aerith definitely looks a lot better in her Remake look. She might not get as much love in this post, but believe me, I've given her a ton of attention in my latest Analysis!

Oh and here's Ifrit! He definitely looks a bit more feral and imposing than his classic counterpart. I was hoping to get a Shiva render, but I don't think Square released one or I just can't locate them. But regardless, having some new renders and high quality pictures of what Ifrit looks like in-game and outside of the context, is something I can definitely appreciate!

And this must be Hellfire; Ifrit's signature move getting ready to burn the party's opposition.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released March 03, 2020. I'm wholeheartedly excited for this game!

Until Next Time!

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