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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) IV

Dragoon outfit again! Yes, Dragoon is my main! So yes, she'll get plenty of outfits (and more to come with #Endwalker around the corner). This particular one is a product of the NierxFFXIV collaboration. Thanks to all the loot and the glam options that came from it, A'rlen comes out looking like a YoRHa android. With that said, let's take a look at how my Miqo'te would fit in within the post apocalyptic world of Nier Automata.

YoRHa Unit Type-A'R

Yes indeed, A'rlen looks like a well dressed YoRHa Android without the gratuity of being service-y. Shame, I know (Though A'rlen was wearing a variant of 2B's outfit--might have to show that one day)! While there isn't a LOT of complicating things with this outfit, the fact that it's a long black overcoat with some fancy buttons makes it an attractable outfit for A'rlen to wear. Not much to really point out, though there are some small little details that really goes in line with the design themes that Automata is known for.

Her black tail is so cute poking out oof there!

When we do a close up, I'll go over in a bit more detail, but clearly there are some designs and quirks that makes this a bit more unique than an average black longboat.

I do like the buttons and the 'turtle neck' with belt straps. And, of course, as a standard for YoRHa Androids, A'rlen is wearing the "goggles".

Those designs are neat! Subtle, but it sticks out in a way that gives the outfit a bit more depth. And again, more buttons!

At this moment, YoRHa Unit Type-A'R is using a Neo-Ishgardian Trident that is glammed by a Sharpened Trident of the Overlord Replica. What can I say? I really do like the Heavensward Relics and they were the 'easiest' to attain.

To try and replicate the Flight Unit, I often put A'rlen using the Gabriel mount. Also nice that she rides on flight mode like Rikku would on her Machina Maw.

Might I also add that this outfit is second in power in my Dragoon outfit line ups. The simple fact that the Nier outfits is the most current endgame equipment, so there's that.

At the end of the day, I don't think this will be a mainstay outfit. With Endwalker around the corner, more outfits will be introduced and the slot this YoRHa outfit is the 'expendable' slot--a slot where I replace every so often. The other Dragoon outfits (especially the Crimson Dragoon) will most likely be a permanent, as it has been. But needless to say, I do enjoy the look of this and black, while rare for her to have on, DOES look good on A'rlen!

Until Next Time!

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