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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) V

The Cutest WoL in the First and the Source is back! Now sporting a new outfit that is a bit more 'grounded' but definitely fitting to have a post! This thing is a Christmas gift from a good friend and a post is a must, for sure! As the first outfit to show off on 2022, I'm very happy to talk about it! Without further adieu, let's get into it!

The Cutest WoL

A'rlen Sirushi in a schoolgirl uniform. Sure, why not, right? I mean, it fits just fine! As far as casual outfits go, this is definitely my Miqo'te's most casual and there's nothing stopping her from looking good and still kicking some butt. And this beautiful glam can easily be acquired from the Mogstation (collegiate attire) with some real money and I am very fortunate to have this gifted to me by a very special friend.

I added Noctis' gloves and gave it a dalamund red dye. The skirt and the footwear(socks) are also given the same red color. The jacket has a soot black dye, and overall, the simple mix of colors definitely gives it the A'rlen vibe that we need.

Gotta have the opening for her tail!

The insignia is also something a bit more on the 'unique' side since it's the FC's logo. I have to attach it every time I change the glam, but that's okay. I think it gives the outfit a little more flare!

I see you're trying to look up!

The glam for the Cutest WoL is the spear version of the aetherpool grip. I wanted to make this a bit more on the 'anime' side so when it's 'sheathed' it doesn't show on A'rlen's back. It's almost as if it's an energy based weapon and it is summoned rather than stored like a conventional weapon!

Here she is riding the Mount Gobbue mount. I know, she looks rather peaceful and content, doesn't she?

A'rlen kicking butt for an action pose session! And those wanted panty shots think twice! The gal wears trunks and can kick you from here to the next reflection!

Let me remind you that she's also a Dragoon.

The photobomb of the Miqo'te in the background!

Tsundere time!

It's a gift, it's a schoolgirl outfit, and my Miqo'te looks cute in it so it's a definite mainstay! While not the strongest outfit, it's more or less, another outfit A'rlen can wear while roaming the streets of Limsa or Sharlayan. I definitely believe that this outfit will be with A'rlen for a while and it easily replaced YoRHa Unit Type-A'R. What I'm trying to say is that this outfit's got a LOT of legs (clearly).

Until Next Time!

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