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FFXIV: Letter from the Producer LXVI

I'm finally part of current content! And for every expansions in the past, Naoki Yoshida and company promote and inform the latest changes in regards to FFXIV through a live stream--a stream they dubbed "Letter from the Producer". Now the video above is about seven hours long and I haven't gone through every minute but I have taken a gander at some of the important things that I definitely need to know about when going into #Endwalker.

Before I talk about the game, let me just talk about this Y'shtola doll that I definitely adore. The face seems slightly off (okay it's off), but it's still Y'shtola! Let me just say that the price kind of hits hard; $999 hard. So, yeah. A pass but I'm glad it exists! Well, on to the jobs and the changes made...

There are definitely new things with the Dragoon that I will have to get used to but all in all, I'm liking the direction they are going with! And the Machinist having a chainsaw and a shotgun?! I'm down! The other jobs I play looks like they will have a good revamp--that Reaper Job class though!

AoE is definitely needed for my main job! I'm glad A'rlen will be able to get crazier and hit more people! Again, some of the morsel we were given with what the Dragoon could do is just exciting. I've always enjoyed being a Dragoon but with these changes, it could take things to a whole new level.

The Machinist, I feel was pretty good. I don't think a ton of changes was needed because A'rlen was just an AoE shooting gunner from left to right. But getting a chainsaw and a shotgun?! Oh man, talk about Edgar and Tali all in one!

Clearly there are a ton more that are being added. New Trust Allies. New Beast Tribes. New areas. More expansion to the story. New outfits, weapons... the list goes on. I'm pretty excited for this. I'm pretty happy that I jumped on this stage--late, but better late than never. An absolute masterpiece of a game that just keeps giving. Can't wait for November!

Until Next Time!

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