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Final Fantasy VII R: New Pics

It's getting closer, y'all! With #2019 closing in, Square Enix just keeps pumping the news and teaser with FFVII R! Here are some high quality pictures that were shared a day and some few hours ago! Won't go in full detail with everything but I will be talking about certain things that really get my jives going! Of course, we can't start this off without going through that famous Sephirtoh picture--you know, the one with him burning down Nibelheim. With all of that said, let's get to the updates!

President Shinra and Heidgger are definitely given more depth just through visuals alone. They look absolutely intimidating in their own right; definitely looking like some powerful corporate people with enough pull to make sure that not a lot of people can touch them.

This guy's name is apparently "Roche". A 3rd Class SOLDIER who might be the first episode's constant nagging mid-boss. Definitely a brand new character for the Remake and I'm really interested to see where they are going to take his character and how we, the player will deal with him exactly!

Shiva looks gorgeous! She is definitely a blend of enigma, sexiness, and deadly. They did a FINE job capturing her original version while updating it for the modern HIGH quality rendered look. Can't wait to have her by my side!

There are talks that Sephiroth may not be as prominent for the first episode of FFVII R. With how the original game was, Sephiroth was hardly there (not at all) in Midgar when we were first introduced to the OG game. But with the liberties Square is taking with the remake, I think they are going to make sure that we get enough of Sephiroth as we can. I'm also going to take a guess that we will be fighting him, or at least a version of him, and he is going to be a total pain in the ass. All I'm saying is that there are plenty of marketing and promotional art of him just for him to show up in cut scenes. And let me just say that they were able to make his anime-y hairstyle work so well in this version!

Just a quick glance of Aerith performing one of her moves. Floral falal? Nah. She's a flower girl! She ain't no Gullwing!

Then there's THIS famous picture! Tifa Lockhart herself gazing at Nibelheim's night time sky with her remake attire!

This thing is so iconic that they tried to remake it in #DissdiaNT.

And man, does this bring me back to the hay days. Those were the times....

I didn't really go in detail with this so let me just link y'all to TheNightSkyPrince's video. He really goes in detail, more artwork, and really explains the things that I wasn't able to in this post. I'm really excited for this game, that much is obvious! March 2020 can't come soon enough!

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