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Frozen 2: Into My thoughts

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Since February when the Teaser struck us (still my favorite insight of #Frozen2, mind you), I have been more than excited for this movie. Through the months, weeks, and right into the days before November 22nd, the anticipation was high. Frozen and/or Elsa, is one of my favorite 'faces' in my fandom--if that wasn't obvious, that is. So did the sequel live up to the hype? To the expectations? To MY expectation? This little review is to shed some light into mostly what I feel about the movie. things I want to touch into the most are:

  • Characters -How the characters were, how they are in Frozen 2, and how they ended up and where they went.

  • Story -Where it took the franchise; where it fell short and where it will go from here--give if there is a future.

  • Music -How it lived up to the original and how they are on their own--what's their meaning to the plot, the characters, and just how they sound over all.

  • Aftermath -How it did financially and what the consensus of how good/bad/mediocre it is.

  • My Feelings -My thoughts, how it affects me, and what I think overall of the movie.

Yeah, ambitious review!

I initially planned for this to be one review, but just from working on the characters alone, it seems that it's going to be a long read so I decided to (for the time being) split them into their own posts. Some of them like "Music" may merge with another section, but definitely "Characters" will be one post on its own. So keep a look out for those!

Until Next Time!

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