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Frozen 2: One Year Ago

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I remember seeing that teaser and being excited about it. I couldn't wait to watch #Frozen2. I saw it during our annual #Disneyland trip.

Man, did it change a few things in my life. It was a beautiful movie. It had great moments. It had a very divisive, bold, but still enjoyable story.

And you know what else it had a lot of? #Elsa. A lot of screen time with Elsa! A lot of good moments with her. Some questionable moments with her. Some infuriating moments, and some really bold directions for her. Overall, I just love seeing her.

And then, of course, The Songs!

Among other fantastic moments, Frozen 2 had this song. Probably my favorite song in the movie.

And, of course, it had this fantastic solo by Elsa (Idina Menzel) which... man, did it not hit the right notes.

It also had a much needed 'duet (?)' with Kristoff and Sven (Johnathan Grad).

While far from a perfect movie, I still love Frozen 2. I had a very memorable and emotional time last year with its release and believe it or not, it really did push me to do certain things to make myself better; it inspired me. It was a global hit and I do celebrate its success. One year later, and I'm still having those feelings. Definitely can't let it go.

Until Next Time! (Frozen 3?)

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