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Frozen 2: Three Years Ago

Three years ago, huh? Yeah time is flying by. I'm not going to lie and sit here and say that the magic is still very potent, but I will also say that Frozen 2 still means a whole lot to me. May not be that same 'perfect' movie, but it is definitely a movie that has potential for better interpretation and it has meaning far beyond its flaws for me.

Still one of the most beautiful 3D animation that Disney has put out, and they're definitely really good at making things look beautiful. Oh and Elsa is beautiful, mind you.

I can't ever take away from Idina Menzel's performance as Elsa, both as a singer and as a the VA for the (Former) Queen of Arendelle.

And while I have qualms with the ending, having an alternate look for Elsa canonically isn't something I'm going to frown upon. Still prefer her with her classic braids though! Well, let's see when the inevitable Frozen 3 announcement and where it goes. Let's see if they undo what Frozen 2 had done since it's not ... exactly the most well received by a strong fanbase. It is, what it is, I suppose.

Until next Time!

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