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Funko POP: Alduin (Review 2.0)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I've reviewed this bad boy some time ago but I figure this is a good time to revisit Alduin in his POP form. As a POP, he is definitely different because he isn't the typical scale. For those who aren't aware, Funko releases POPs that are 6 inches tall. Alduin is my first "large" scale POP, but I guarantee that he won't be my last. Well, let's take a quick gander at this behemoth from Skyrim, shall we?

I don't have his box anymore and the old review didn't feature the box like I do now. I'll just let the links do the talk in regards to what Alduin's box looks like. For now, let's just check out his details.

Larger in scale means Alduin gets to have a little bit more details than the regular sized POPs; and details he does have! There is plenty of sculpting done with the World Eater and it is amazing! All the scales, those ridges, spikes, and even the details on his wings are something to behold!

And the back gets even more details! Those spiky scales and that tail! Stylized and still retaining the most prominent details of Alduin is a fascinating thing! Who would have thought that the World Eater could be so cute, right?

I can't deny that I want more POPs this size. With Alduin being my first some time ago and have made a mark, the next one that comes across my way that fits the realm of my fandom will definitely get snagged! Of course, as long as the price is right. Alduin fetches for a reasonable price, but someone like Hulkbuster or Thanos might be a different story. Still, you get something out of the POPs this size so it's only a matter of time until Alduin is joined by other colossal POPs!

Until Next Time!

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