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Funko POP: Batman & Catwoman Moment

New #POP! I know! It's been some time, right? I know! I'm out of practice apparently since the top picture isn't my usual pic for a POP review. I don't have the box anymore either so I can't retake the picture, but oh well! I'm here to talk about the figure/s inside so I suppose that doesn't matter that much. As far as the POP is concerned, it's my first "POP Moment"--basically the series takes a 'moment' from a movie, video game or for this case, a comic book, and puts it in POP form. It's pretty obvious why I decided to get this in my collection so...let's talk about it, shall we?

This little moment is from Batman #611; a wonderful artwork from the legendary Jim Lee himself. I don't have the comic book and I'm not sure if this #DiD scene happened (probably not!). All I know is that it's wonderful.

Let me reiterate: it's pretty obvious why this would find its way to my collection other than the fact that I am a casual fan of Batman and Catwoman. It's definitely a #DiD moment and those are usually more than welcome within my fandom. The moment I saw this on Franklin FM Mclnnis, I knew I had to get it! That very same weekend, I went to a local Gamestop and bought it. Yes, it's a Gamestop exclusive; though it is a common so I doubt one will have a hard time finding it.

While POP artwork version of the "Moment" loses some of the comic book detail, it still provides a very good homage to what it is representing.

Now, technically this is two POPs and honestly, while Batman is mostly 'background' fodder, he is, by all right, a separate POP altogether.

Now in terms of the sculpting of each figure, there really isn't anything that stands out altogether. They're pretty standard looking, nothing out of the norm but it is all about the posing and the theme. There are details where there needed be, albeit, not entirely too intricate but enough to make it work. I definitely enjoy the sculpting of the characters' poses. Catwoman is obviously properly posed with how she was in the comic book cover. The vines wrapping around her legs, body, arms, and mouth definitely looks distressing and restricting. Batman, while easily can be considered as just background, has a good amount of sculpting. His cape definitely represents his popular logo--wings spread out and all. His body, while mostly blacked out, does exist behind Catwoman and because of the coloring, definitely fades away into obscurity. But it does exist back there somewhere.

Since it's supposed to mimic a moment, articulation does not exist. You get what you get but I think everyone buying these POPs already get that idea. Coloring, as I already mentioned, are pretty accurate to the source material it is trying to pay homage to.

Looking it from the back, I wish they did make the stand blend it by making it look one of the vines or something. But it's a small complaint. Looks like Batman's cape gliding down and/or acting as a logo on a classic comic book cover.

As the first POP moment that I have in my collection, this is a wonderful introduction and definitely a good addition! I like Batman and Catwoman together and on their own. The #DiD moment does help out. All in all, it's a fantastic POP that I would recommend to anyone who is a POP collector! Here's to hoping that #Funko does more moments like this! I would definitely welcome each one with open arms (Spider-Woman Vol. 1 Issue 6, please).

Until Next Time!

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