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Funko POP: Collector GOLD (Disney Parks Exclusive)

This is going to be an odd addition to my #POP posts. Why? Well, The Collector is going to be a rare POP that I am not going to take out of the box. Why? For a few reasons that I will get into the review. Speaking of, let's get right into it.

I honestly have very little to no connection with the Collector character. Taneleer Tivan, or better known as the Collector, has been around Marvel for a long time now and is known to be one of the Cosmic Beings. Not entirely sure just how cosmisc-ly powerful he is, but he wasn't portrayed to be all that threatening in the MCU. So why do I have this guy in my collection? Well, first and foremost, it's a POP and I am a POP collector (obviously). Second, his name is "THE COLLECTOR" and I am a collector myself so it's only FITTING that I have him in my collection. Third, it's a gold POP and I don't have one in my possession. I'd say it's not a bad idea to start with the Collector. Of course if there was a Spider-Woman gold version, I would jump on that. Lastly, and possibly the most important reason why I bought this guy is because he was from Disneyland (as I posted about not too long ago, I visited Disneyland).

I acquired This exclusive from the store close to the Guardians of the Galaxy Breakout ride (a fun ride, mind you). He isn't incredibly pricey, but he was, after all, purchased from Disneyland so he was obviously a higher price. Obviously worth it.

He has some good sculpting and from my knowledge, this pose is also exclusive and he isn't just some mere repaint of the regular retail version. Sadly, I will not be taking him out of the box. WHAT?

Authentic and Original! A Disney Parks Exclusive indeed. I will not be taking him out of his box not for the purpose of making money out of him (that's not the reason for any of my collecting). It's just fitting that I bought him from Disneyland and his name is the Collector, which is what I am.

Here is The Collector next to my other "Mint in Box" POP, Spider-Woman. I even bought protectors for these ones just for the sake of preserving them. Again, not for the sake of making money out of them, but simply just to keep making them look crisp. Again, not going to be a norm with my POPs, but I do have a few action figures still MIB (mostly toy biz things). Well, that's about it for this. Not really a review, I know.

Until Next Time!

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