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Funko POP: Elsa & Bruni (Target Exclusive)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Yep! Another #POP review! Another Elsa POP form #Frozen2! This little thing is a bit late for the party but she is nonetheless, more than welcome. So without further adieu, let's carry on with the review!

I have to thank Evil-is-Relative for helping me find this in the wild. She found it at her local Target first and so she was kind enough to ensure it gets sent my way! Thank you! So with all that said, I will flat out say that this is not a huge departure from the original Frozen 2 Elsa POP. The only real difference is that they added Bruni, the cute Salamander, on Elsa's hand. She's also feeding it snowflakes... a cute moment that happened in Frozen 2. Yes, Bruni is a merchandise hitter, that much is obvious.

Again, not sure if I will buy anymore, but I am tempted to get young Elsa just to add in to my Elsa POP collection. Like I need anymore, anyways.

I won't go over the full details of this #POP since it's mostly the same, minus Bruni and Elsa's hand positioning (The full review of Elsa Frozen 2 POP). What's important is that this POP retains the things I loved about the standard one and there's plenty to like in my opinion.

The one added plus that this Elsa has is that it doesn't have that strange mark on the chin. It's a cleaner looking figure and that is always something I can get behind with. As far as the addition of Bruni, it is nice and I know that he is a favorite. He even out-cutes Olaf and that's something! Doing this version may not be necessary, but hey, it's Elsa and she sells merchandise, right?

At this point it should be no surprise that I am fan of this. It's Elsa, it's in her Frozen 2 outfit, and it's Frozen 2. I am curious as to WHEN Disney and Funko will pull the trigger on Elsa's final transformation, aka "Show Yourself", aka "True Snow Queen", or ... "Lesbian Jesus". I'm going to get that fo sure. Or they might not even go that route and go wit ha movie moment? Who knows! All I know is that I am going to be getting any other Funko POP Elsa related.

Until Next Time!

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