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Funko POP: Gohan (Great Saiyaman)

Alright folks! Blast in the past! If one didn't know, I was one of the many boys that got into Dragon Ball Z during the 90s. Yes! And while I missed most of the Majin Buu series thanks to it not available at the time in my side of the fence, I was very keen of its existence. Well, with that said, let's get into one of my old time faves from the show: Gohan!

Gohan was my guy! I loved his arc, his relationship with Piccolo, and he just looked like he was ready for business whenever he turned Super-Saiyajin II. I love his adult look too during the Majin Buu saga and I was rooting for him throughout the entire time! But they kind of did him dirty. Through the end of Z, GT, and even Super, Gohan got the dirt. Shame. But we can always relive the glory starting with this fantastic POP of his greener days!

I'll probably stop with Gohan in terms of this line but best believe I will be nabbing some other DBZ related POPs.

That single strand of hair is Gohan's signature!

For the most part, Dragonball as a whole don't have super intricate and complicating outfits. Usually they're a variation of a Gi, with some thick boots, and gloves. The Great Saiyaman outfit for Gohan is more or less on that idea: a green tunic/gi, black under shirt, leggings, white gloves and boots. In his super hero guise, he wears a bandanna (homage to Piccolo), glasses, and cape. For this POP, he has no headwear or cape, but he is in Supersaiyajin form. Funko does a fine job with the details. Gohan's pose implies he is powering up--very mild but with his tunic having some movement, it's quite clear he is doing his power up business. Hair is done with a certain sculpt which makes one recognize that classic Super Saiyajin hair! And it's pretty neat because hair is usually not Funko POP's strongest trait. Glad that Funko did some magic with that part!

Color wise, it's perfect. The blonde hair is, of course, is done quite well. It's got a glow-in-the-dark gimmick, but I have yet to see it. The rest, the clothing and the skin is done quite well. The green eyes looks like the Super Saiyajin's signature eyes and I have no complaints one bit.

Here is POP Gohan next to his mentor, POP Piccolo. Different time line, but great to see them together.

This POP is the most affordable Gohan I could find at the moment. He has a few more POPs, but I didn't want to go that route just yet. I like this outfit enough, though not as much as his traditional, but at the end of the day this thing delivers with the subtle pose, the fine details, and the colors popping. I highly recommend this to POP collectors and for Gohan/DBZ fans, good to add but definitely going to ask for another one. With that said, I'm pretty happy with it. Let's see how his fellow Saiyajins do, right?

Until Next Time!

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